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First SCC Meeting Tonight!


Our first SCC meeting will be tonight in the Collaboration Room! Check out our SCC page if you want more information and email Principal Snarr at with any questions!

Mask Up! Utah Revises School Quarantine Rules For Students, Employees Who Don Masks

Time in quarantine could be cut in half for Canyons students and employees who were wearing masks during the moments they were possibly exposed to COVID-19 while at school.  

Under guidelines released by Utah government and education officials on Thursday, Oct. 8, quarantined students and employees who test negative for COVID-19 after the seventh day from their last exposure — and, importantly, only if they were wearing masks at the time of exposure — can return to in-person learning, activities, and work.  

The previous length of the quarantine as mandated by health authorities was 14 days. 

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The Glacier Hills Yetis: A Legendary Name for a New School

How’s this for some cool news? When the Bell View and Edgemont communities come together to form a new school, that school will heretofore be known as Glacier Hills Elementary. 

Fittingly, the official school colors will be icy shades of blue and white. And the school’s snow-loving mascot? Why, a Yeti, of course.

The new school’s identity was approved Tuesday, Oct. 6 by the Canyons Board of Education following a four-month research and development process that involved Bell View and Edgemont parents, students and staff members. Families and school staff were surveyed twice on their preferences from a shortlist of ideas generated by a rebranding focus group. Blue and white emerged as the favored color scheme, and the moniker Glacier Hills Yetis was preferred over the runner-up of Bear Park Bears by a margin of eight percentage points.

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