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Attendance Program

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Students were introduced to our new attendance program today. Our focus is to "Be Great! Miss Less Than 8!" To encourage this, we will be holding a raffle drawing at the end of the year for several prizes including bikes, scooters, and other fun items. Students will earn raffle tickets based on their attendance each month. If they are here 100% of the month with no tardies or check outs they will recieve 10 tickets. If they are absent, tardy, or checked out no more than 2 times in a month they will recieve 5 tickets. All students will recieve at least one ticket every month but the more they are here, the better their chances of winning. 

October 3 Announcements

Posted in News & Announcements

Hello Edgemont Families,

1)  Mrs. Mazuran, our Art teacher, has been hired to teach full-time at a middle school.  We are very excited for her and we will miss her dearly!  She was able to share her news with all of our students this week.  We were not able to hire a part-time Art teacher to replace her, so Edgemont is shifting our Art booster to a STEM booster.  Students will be able to continue to use their creativity during this booster class as they experience topics and challenges not offered in their grade level curriculum.  STEM booster will begin October 8th, and the first lesson will be exploring optical illusions!

2) We are experiencing an unusually large amount of phone calls from parents requesting our front office staff to deliver personal messages to students regarding dismissal changes.  Please have a plan for dismissal, and review it with your child to avoid confusion.  Limit changes to your dismissal plan to help keep student anxiety down.  Please send a note to your child’s teacher if you know there is a change to your child’s dismissal.  If you do have an unavoidable situation where you need our staff to communicate a message regarding a change, then please call prior to 3:00 pmso we can have enough time to relay that information to classrooms and students get to where they need to be on time.  Thanks for helping dismissal run smoothly.  

Go Eagles!
Principal Schino