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Skylert Announcements: August 28th

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Picture1.png1.  I plan to send one Skylert message a week to provide you with important school information. 

  • Most of my messages will be sent on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  •  You control how you receive these messages (by phone, by email, or both!) by choosing a preference during the registration process. 
  • If you need help adjusting your preference, call Miss Amy at 801-826-8500. 
2. Safety is the number one priority at Edgemont.  Drop off and pick up times can be tricky when all 375 students and their families attempt to arrive and depart school at the same time. 

  • When accessing our parking lot and green zone areas it is imperative that every driverprioritizes safetyover entering and exiting quickly. 
  • Students MUST cross the street using one of the two designated crosswalks.
  • If you choose to park in the parking lot, parents MUST escort students to the school sidewalk. 
  • If you choose to use the Green Zone, students MUST enter and exit vehicles using the door closest to the sidewalk.
    • Wait in the order you arrive in line and exit after passing through the green zone area which is the only safe place for students to load and unload. 
Thanks for playing an active role in keepingeveryonesafe while accessing school property.

Preschool Information

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What is the first day of school for preschool?
Monday, August 27th

What time is class?
Preschool runs Monday through Thursday, with no classes on Friday. We have an AM and PM session!
AM: 8:20 am- 10:50 am
PM: 11:30 am- 2:00 pm

Who is teaching preschool at Edgemont?
We have two wonderful teachers joining our Edgemont staff: Ms. Bainbridge and Mrs. Ivins!

What if I am interested in signing my child up for preschool still, or have other questions to ask?
Please call the Early Childhood department directly with any questions. They can be reached at 801-826-5112.

First Day of School Reminders

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The first day of school is quickly approaching! Are you ready?
Here are a few quick and helpful reminders:
*All school supplies are provided by Edgemont. If you can bring a backpack, we will provide the rest. If you can’t bring a backpack, let us know and we will get one for you!
*Come to Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 21st from 4-6 pm. This is when students’ will find out their teachers’ and visit their new classrooms.
*The first day of school for 1st-5th grade is Wednesday, August 22nd. The first day of school for Kindergarten and Preschool is Monday, August 27th.
*School starts at 8:45 AM and gets out at 3:20 PM. Don’t forget: Fridays’ are early out days, which means school gets out at 1:40 PM.
*You can pay for school lunches online using paypams.com, or by sending in cash/ checks with your students. Parents are also welcome to drop by the office anytime to pay for lunches- but please remember: we do not accept credit/debit cards. Please note: we will be accepting lunch money at Back to School Night!
*On the first day of school, students should head to their grade level doors before school. Teachers will be outside to greet their students’ and help them know where to line up!
*Don’t forget to set a plan for after school! If your student is riding the bus, make sure they know the bus number and where to go once they get off the bus. If your student is meeting you or someone else to walk home, set a meeting spot and confirm a plan. If you are picking up your student in the green zone, make sure your student knows to look for your car!
*Feel free to call us anytime with questions! Miss Amy is in the office and can be reached at 801-826-8500!