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Skylert October 24

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Hello Edgemont Families,

1)  Friday, October 25this HAT DAY!!  Our Edgemont students have earned over 2,000 SOAR tickets for being Safe, On Task, Accepting Responsibility and Respecting Self Others and PropertyJ  Adults and students are encouraged to celebrate by wearing their favorite hat tomorrow.  

2)  PTA needs all families to return all unpurchased Wasatch Savings Books to the front office immediately.  They still have over 100 books missing.  Thank you for supporting our school by returning your unpurchased books. 

3)  I appreciate those who participate in safe driving routines every time you are on school property.  All students MUST be escorted across the parking lot and street by an adult.  Please do not motion for your student to cross the parking lot or street by themselves as you stay in your car.  This puts our students in a difficult, dangerous and unacceptable situation.  Again, all students MUST be escorted across the parking lot and street by an adult.  

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding student safety!

Principal Schino

Digital Citizenship Week Day 2

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Today's digital citizenship focus is your Digital Footprint and privacy.

Everything we do and say online forms our digital footprint. It follows us around and can never be deleted. Be sure your footprint is full of kind and respectful words and actions. Make it something you can be proud of. 

Whether you are online or in real life, remember not to share any personal information with others. Your name, school, the town you live in and more should be kept as secret and safe as your password.

Visit the link to learn more: https://www.commonsense.org/education/family-tips/k-5-digital-footprint-and-identity

Digital Citizenship Week Day 1

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This week is Digital Citizenship Week. We are excited to share with you some Digital Citizenship tips each day!
Today's focus is Digital Balance.
It is important to make sure you balance the time you spend online with the time you spend with friends, family and outdoors. This balance helps your physical and mental health stay strong.

Visit the following link to learn more : https://www.commonsense.org/education/family-tips/k-5-media-balance-and-well-being

2018-2019 Landtrust Final Report

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Each year schools recieve Landtrust funding from the state of Utah to help support educational plans to increase student achievment.  
Click on the image below to read Edgemont's final report of how our funding was planned for and used as per decisions made by our School Community Council.
 If you are interested in joining our School Community Council please join us for our first meeting Tuesday, October 15th 5-6pm in our conference room!