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Teacher of the Year Announced

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Our teacher of the year is the epitome of the term master teacher.  She is an amazing teacher who is a model for all who know and work with her.  She understands how a school system works, what best practices look like, how to accept responsibilities, and most importantly what children need to learn.  She is a teacher every parent dreams his or her child will have.  She is a great educator who inspires, teaches, and encourages the heart.  Her genuine concern for everyone is displayed in her calm, friendly demeanor, gentle responses, and positive actions.



After 40 years of teaching, Joyce Acosta remains dedicated to her craft.  Mrs. Acosta is often the first to arrive at Edgemont Elementary in the morning and the last to leave at night.  She joined Canyons School District with a desire to help all of her students become college-and-career-ready, and she is an expert at re-teaching concepts to struggling students while simultaneously providing enriching experiences for students who have mastered skills.  She continues to educate herself to learn new ways to capture a young child’s attention, and leads her peers with her positive example.  For these reasons, Joyce Acosta has been selected as Edgemont Elementary School’s 2015 Teacher of the Year!

Early -Out Fridays in 2015-2016

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Coming Next School Year: Early-Out Fridays


We will have a new schedule next school year! The Canyons Board of Education on March 17 approved a new schedule for all elementary schools in the district. The schedule brings back early-out Fridays and gives teachers uninterrupted collaboration and planning time so we can better meet student needs and prepare students for college and careers. This is something that our teachers have needed for quite some time. Trained specialists will teach students in areas such as arts and P.E. during teacher planning time.

To help in your planning, please note that early-out days will be on Fridays only. So, during short weeks that have a Friday holiday, we won’t have an early-out day. Also, the District is working to set start and end times for all elementary schools before school lets out for the summer. This information will be communicated to you when it becomes available.

For your background information: The schedule was recommended by a task force that included teachers from every elementary school in the district, including ours.  The task force has been studying, trouble-shooting, and taking feedback from colleagues since December to come up with a schedule to that better serves students and gives schools flexibility to plan teacher collaboration time appropriately.

If you have any questions, please call the front office or visit www.canyonsdistrict.org.