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Sorenson Legacy Awards

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Our amazing Drama teacher, Melanie Kieffer, was awarded the Sorenson Legacy Awards for Excellence in Arts and Education in a prestigious ceremony on May 13th.  Greg Hughes, Utah's Speaker of the House, was the Master of Ceremonies.  Miss Kieffer was recognized alongside 10 other outstanding Arts educators from around the state for bringing the joy of Drama to students at both Edgemont Elementary and Park Lane Elementary School.  Principal Schino and Principal Jeffreys were able to share this special night with Miss Kieffer.
 Congrats Miss Kieffer!  You have inspired so many students and we are grateful.
Miss Kieffer is getting married this summer and will be moving to Arizona after the wedding. You will be greatly missed.

New Teachers Coming to Edgemont

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It is an exciting time at Edgemont!  

Some of our teachers are moving grade levels, and we are adding 4 new names to the Edgemont teaching team.

Here is the 2016-2017  lineup:

Kellie Evans- Part time (one class)
Shannon Mulrain- Full time (two classes)

1st Grade
Joyce Acosta
Kylie Smith
Colette Lower (new to our staff from Pennsylvania)

2nd Grade
Tiffany Evans (moving from 1st grade)
Laura Handley
Jennifer Turner (moving from 5th grade)

3rd Grade
Barbara Gondor
Marilynn Hampton
Camille Smith (new to our staff from Utah)

4th Grade
Anne Benson
Lori Salter
Brittaney Larsen (new to our staff from Florida)

5th Grade
Pat Jones (moving from 2nd grade)
Katie Nelson
Riley Nemrow (new to our staff from Utah)

Accomodated Core
Anne Clyde
Carolyn Criddle
Kris Parkin

As you can see, we are running three Kindergarten sessions, and we now have three teachers in every grade level in 1st-5th to help keep class sizes down.