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Digital Citizenship Tip - December

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We are in the middle of a very busy time of the year.  This is also the perfect time to enjoy those around you by setting up a device free dinner.  Invite your family to check their many devices at the door and spend a meal talking, sharing upcoming events, and/or just catching up.  Take a minute and watch the following video and encourage your students to try a device free dinner as well!
Click on the image below to watch the video!


Air Quality/Indoor Recess

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As we find ourselves in the middle of the yearly Utah winter inversion, we wanted to share with you the standards used to determine whether students have outside or inside recess.

Temperature: Students will stay inside at 22 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

Air Quality (per index below): 
Green: All students go outside. 
Yellow and/or Orange: Students remain outside unless they have a known respiratory issue. Students with respiratory issues that require accommodations, such as staying inside, must have healthcare plans created with our school nurse. *If your student has a respiratory issue diagnosed by a doctor AND requires accommodation based on weather and/or other factors, please contact the office immediately. We will set up an appointment with the school nurse to best meet your student’s medical needs. 
Red: All students stay inside. 
Purple: All students stay inside. 
Maroon: All students stay inside.

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