Digital Citizenship

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As a digital citizen it is important to identify fact and fiction online. Try to help students learn how to tell the difference between reliable news and research sites and those that exaggerate or skew facts. Developing news and media literacy is essential since there are so many resources that tell different stories and have different purposes. Review these posters below about Media Literacy and see if there are any tips you could teach your students about Media Literacy. 

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Click on the image below to read about ways to help students understand what is true and what isn't true in the news.

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Click on the image below to view a video about parents as digital role models.

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Internet Safety Week 
February 1st-5th 2016

Our students and parents pledged to follow the S.M.A.R.T rules on the internet!


Click on the poster below for family outreach materials available on Common Sense Education.


Click on this icon to watch a 3 minute video about "Pausing and Thinking Online"
pause and think

Click on this icon to watch a 1 minute video about "Digital Footprints"
digital footprint

5 safety tips

Dont just copy