October 2019 Principal Message

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Attendance Incentives

Last month I shared Edgemont’s attendance policy.  This month our students have begun earning tickets to reinforce attendance!  Each month students can earn tickets for a chance to win monthly prizes.  We will also collect tickets all year so students have a chance to win a bike or a scooter in May!

Every student will receive ONE ticket for attending school each month.  That means every student has a chance to win an attendance prize each month.  However, we will be reinforcing students who attend school more oftenwith more tickets.  

Attendance Incentives:

1 ticket= student comes to school during that month

5 tickets= student attended school 90-100% of the school days that month (student could have tardies, check-ins and check-outs)

10 tickets= student attended school 100% of the days that month (student could not have tardies, check-ins or check-outs)

*Remember, when you are sick it is best to stay home and recover.  You will still be able to earn an attendance ticket or tickets.  

**Everyone is encouraged to stay healthy, come to school, arrive on time, and stay all day.