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Skylert 1/31

Posted in News & Announcements

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1.  I want to extend a huge WELCOME to our new head administrative assistant, Laura Munson!  Laura has worked as a part-time administrative assistant at Edgemont, attendance secretary at Midvale Middle, and as an administrative assistant in Canyons School District’s Planning and Enrollment department.  I am excited about the district knowledge, positive attitude and compassion for children she has already brought to our front office and school community. 

2.  Teacher of the Year Nominations are due tomorrow, February 1st.  We have received three nominations as of today.  Edgemont has so many talented, dedicated and highly effective teachers that my hope is we will be flooded with nomination forms tomorrow.  You can nominate your current teacher or even a teacher your child had in the past.  You can nominate more than one teacher, too.  I encourage you to take just a minute to fill out the form tonight and return it to the office tomorrow.