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Fun With Comprehension Strategies

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Summarizing and Synthesizing:

          Sophie the Skunk is the comprehension character used to help students summarize and synthesize what they are reading. Summarizing is pre-requisite skill that leads to synthesizing. K-2 students will focus on summarizing, while 3 rd -5 th grade students will learn summarizing and move on to synthesizing. Summarizing is taking a large selection of text and reducing it to the main points for concise understanding. Synthesizing is when readers change their thinking as they read. They are working to put together all of the strategies to form thoughts, opinions and conclusions.

*K-5th : Ask your student about using the “someone, wanted, but, so, then” graphic organizer.

3rd -5 th : Ask your student about the nesting dolls activity. Ask him/her about the spiral activity.

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