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Teachers 2017-2018

Posted in News & Announcements

We have changes in our teaching staff next year.  Teachers are retiring, having babies and moving schools.  We wish everyone the best!  Below is a list of Edgemont's teaching assignments for 2017-2018.

  Miss Mulrain (AM & PM)
1st Grade:
  Mrs. Acosta
  Mrs. Chua (coming from Bellview 1st grade)
2nd Grade:
  Mrs. Handley 
  Mrs. Wilson (coming from Bellview 2nd grade)
  Miss Gutierrez (coming from Summit Academy 3rd grade)
3rd Grade:
  Mrs. Gondor
  Mrs. Moon (coming from Channing Hall 5th grade)
  Miss Beutler (coming from USU)
4th Grade:
  Mrs. Salter
  Mrs. Avila
  Miss Whitney (coming from Mississippi 2nd grade)
5th Grade:
  Mrs. Nemrow
  Miss Larsen (looping from Edgemont 4th grade)
  Mrs. Sjogren (formerly known as Miss Ravsten, coming from Edgemont 1st grade)