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Veggie Troopers Schedule

Posted in News & Announcements

April 1 - No foolin! Let's talk Tomatoes! The crazy fruit that acts like a vegetable. Is it playing a trick on us?  We will snack on cherry tomatoes and play the hokey pokey, with veggie names for our arms and legs (zucchini, banana, and a tomato head!)

April 8 - Spring Break!

April 15 - Time for another fruit - the Orange! Delightful orange slices to eat and a fun game of fruit basket again - as well as learning some orange jokes!

April 22 - Spinach! Can it really give you muscles like popeye? We will eat some raw spinach, and maybe drink some spinach smoothie.  We will do games and activities to increase our muscles so we can have those awesome biceps like the sailor man!

April 29th - FRUIT and Veggie Celebration!  For our final week of the club we will celebrate a number of fruits and vegetables with a variety of snacks and games.  You could maybe even win a prize or two!