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First Three Days Of School

Posted in News & Announcements

The first three days of school were fantastic!  Thank you for getting your student/s to school by 8:40am each day.  Instruction begins promptly at 8:45am.

All students participated in "Eagle Days" on Thursday and Friday.  Eagle Days are part of our School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Edgemont.  Like our disclosure statement explains: 

The word discipline is derived from the Latin root disciplina, meaning learning. Discipline is not punishment. Our goal is to teach students self-confidence and self- control. Two of the most important classroom practices used at Edgemont Elementary are positive teacher language and logical consequences. Positive Teacher Language is using words and tone as a tool to promote children's active learning, sense of community, and self-discipline. Logical Consequences allow teachers to respond to misbehavior in a way that focuses on righting a wrong committed and repairing harm done while preserving children’s dignity. 

Our Booster Technicians, the principal, the lunch manager and an administrative assistant developed presentations that were appropriate for all students focusing on our SOAR behavior expectations.  Students were able to review the school rules and expectations while visiting different common areas.
 Eagle Days activities highlighted both positive teacher language and logical consequences.  We feel confident that every student now has an idea of how they can contribute to making Edgemont the best school!

Looking forward to a great year...